About Annie

It will be my pleasure to show you our beautiful region - I look forward to meeting you.

It will be my pleasure to show you our beautiful region - I look forward to meeting you.

Life in New Zealand is full of the things I love most and look forward to sharing with you. One of my passions is art. I am a keen painter and belong to a local art group who meet to paint, draw and socialise. We are lucky here in the region to have many great galleries and private artists’ studios which we can visit together. Gardening and being outside in nature is one of my favourite ways to spend time. I have a deep love of plants and we will tour some fascinating and beautiful local gardens together. I love to cook - especially with the fresh produce we grow at home - and with good food goes good wine of course! - another of my interests. 

Living in a wine growing region has allowed me to work with several local vineyards doing everything from pruning and tying back in winter to taking part in the fun of vintage where I always meet interesting people of all ages from all over the world.
I have also represented some of the local wineries at events selling their wines.

I was born in what was then East Germany and since 1988, when I began training in the hospitality business in my home country, I have worked all over the world, gaining experience in Switzerland, England, Scotland, Bhutan and now, New Zealand.

I sincerely welcome you to our beautiful part of New Zealand and look forward to sharing it with you.

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  • Passionate about art
  • Keen gardener
  • Wine enthusiast
  • Fluent in German and English
  • Traveller, hiker and runner
  • Experienced in hospitality
    across the globe since 1988
  • Love sharing our region with
    my guests